Monday, 11 July 2011

Ghost Story

Ghost Story by Monkwhy
Ghost Story, a photo by Monkwhy on Flickr.

Ghost Story. Another Spooky shot from a site in Brisbane Australia, however I dont think its there any more. Was a cold night to get Rose in her nightie but it was worth it. Used a street light as a key light and remote flash units as fill. Graded to look like old Black and White Horror films.


  1. What an awesome shot of Rose. Is that up at the top of the Jacob's Ladder park off Wickham in the City?

  2. yeah it is.. next to the old mill. not sure if the chess board is still there.. last time we went past it had all been re-landscaped.theres one or two more shots from that place.. will upload them soon to Blogspot.

  3. I'm pretty sure it's still there. I actually got shots from there in May...

  4. oh cool. yeah thats the place and good to see its still there. :)